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Detail: 1001D 8pin IC

  • 1001D 8pin IC
  • 1001D 8pin IC
  • 1001D 8pin IC

1001D 8pin IC


The 1001D is an infrared sensor analog front-end dedicated chip that integrates a two-stage operational amplifier, amplitude-amplifier comparator, and digital control unit to implement a single-chip processing solution for pyroelectric infrared sensor signals.
The 1001D integrates an LDO with 5mA output drive capability to power the pyroelectric sensor.
The 1001D integrates a light-controlled comparator to meet the application of light detection in intelligent lighting.
The 1001D's green ESOP8 package and minimal external components reduce PCB layout space. The 1001D can operate from -40 ° C to +85 ° C.


Built-in LDO  Built-in high gain amplifier  Gain externally adjustable 双向 Two-way amplitude discrimination, effectively suppressing interference

Delay time externally adjustable  Repeatable triggering  Light control function  Operating voltage range: 2.7V to 5.5V