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Detail: 4002C 8pin IC

  • 4002C 8pin IC
  • 4002C 8pin IC
  • 4002C 8pin IC

4002C 8pin IC



The 4002C is a pyroelectric infrared sensor signal processing ASIC. Combined with pyroelectric sensors to form passive pyroelectric switches and sensor applications. For intelligent control, including automatic doors, automatic lighting and alarm systems. Widely used in enterprises, hotels, shopping malls, and homes, including sensitive area control and intelligent sensing.


1, 8 pins, small size, simple peripheral circuit, low cost
2, high input impedance operational amplifier, can be matched with a variety of sensors
3, two-way amplitude detector, can effectively suppress interference
4, built-in reference source
5, built-in delay time timer and block time timer, change the oscillator frequency to adjust
6, static power consumption is small, suitable for battery power system applications, 3V power consumption is less than 40uA, 5V is less than 70uA
7, working power: +3V ~ +6V
8, package form: SOP8

  Application areas:

Hot-infrared sensor light Automatic lighting system Automatic door control system
 induction night light  induction lawn light  pyroelectric alarm  pyroelectric induction voice doorbell