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Detail: HS6601

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      The RS012 is a low-power pyroelectric infrared sensing signal processor with a pyroelectric infrared sensor and a small number of external components to form a passive pyroelectric infrared switch.

       The RS012 has a high-gain, high-impedance operational amplifier and a fixed-stage gain amplifier that can be matched to a variety of sensors for signal pre-processing. The QXRS012 also incorporates a high-precision reference voltage and LDO. Pyroelectric infrared sensor. Power supply can effectively suppress power and environmental noise interference, improve system reliability and reduce false alarm rate.

       The RS012 can perform various settings by adjusting the peripheral circuit: adjusting the sensing sensitivity, setting the output delay time, setting the light control function, and so on.

     The RS012 is available in a SOP8 package.


Operating voltage range: 2.8V~5.5V ➢ Low standby current: 18uA

LDO output voltage: 2.6V

LDO maximum output current: 5mA

Built-in 2 seconds trigger lockout time, can effectively suppress

Load switching interference and repeated malfunctions ➢ Output delay time adjustable

The light control function is optional, and it can not work during the day. ➢ The noise suppression capability is strong and the reliability is high.

Application field

Various types of automatic lighting, buzzer, automatic door, drying

Automatic switching system such as machine and automatic hand washing pool, automatic alarm system.