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Detail: HW3P-1 light sensor

  • HW3P-1 light sensor
  • HW3P-1 light sensor
  • HW3P-1 light sensor

HW3P-1 light sensor


The HW3P-1 is a photoelectric integrated sensor with a built-in dual-sensitive receiver that is highly sensitive in the visible range and the output current varies linearly with illumination. It is suitable for energy-saving control, automatic sensitization and adaptive control in many fields such as TV sets, security cameras, LCD backlights, digital products, instrumentation, industrial equipment, etc.


1 The dark current is small, the low illumination response, the sensitivity is high, and the current changes linearly with the increase of the illumination;

2 Built-in dual sensitive element, automatic attenuation of near infrared, spectral response close to the human eye function curve;

3 Built-in micro-signal CMOS amplifier, high-precision voltage source and correction circuit, large output current, wide operating voltage range and good temperature stability;

4 Conforms to EU RoHS Directive, lead-free and cadmium free;

typical application:

1 backlight adjustment: TV, computer monitor, LCD backlight, mobile phone, digital camera, MP4, PDA, GPS;

2 energy-saving control: outdoor advertising machine, induction lighting equipment, toys;

3 instruments: instruments for measuring illuminance and industrial control;

4 environmentally friendly alternative: replace traditional photoresistor, photodiode, phototransistor;