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Detail: Patch type NTC

  • Patch type NTC
  • Patch type NTC
  • Patch type NTC

Patch type NTC


The NTC thermistor (NTCR) uses a cover glass glaze structure to achieve the co-firing of the porcelain body and electrode, the porcelain body and the glass glaze. The end is subjected to a three-layer electroplating process of Ag/Ni/Sn. Due to the use of a dense glass protective layer on the outside of the product, compared with the absence of glass protection products, there are significant improvements in acid and alkali corrosion resistance, moisture resistance and resistance stability, and can be used in harsh environments.

Chip NTCR has the characteristics of no lead, small size, small size, fast response, meets the needs of high-density surface mount, suitable for reflow soldering and wave soldering, and thus has been widely used, its main purposes:

1. Rechargeable battery, CPU temperature detection;

2. Temperature compensation of IC, LCD, and quartz oscillators;

3. Various circuits that require temperature compensation and detection