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Detail: HW180 Air Quality Sensor Odor sensor Model

  •  HW180 Air Quality Sensor Odor sensor Model
  •  HW180 Air Quality Sensor Odor sensor Model
  •  HW180 Air Quality Sensor Odor sensor Model

HW180 Air Quality Sensor Odor sensor Model


Product Description:

The inside of the HW180 sensor consists of a uniform precious metal oxide semiconductor formed by the heater and the outer surface. The outer part is encapsulated with a metal shell, and the bottom is led by four feet, which are the heating poles and the measuring poles. When the sensor encounters a detectable gas, the resistance of the sensor changes. The conductivity of the sensor increases accordingly with the increase of the detection gas concentration. Based on this conductive characteristic, a simple test circuit can be designed to convert this change in electrical conductivity into a signal output corresponding to a change in the gas concentration, thereby achieving gas detection.

The HW180 sensor has a small size and the heating current is within 60mA, and the power consumption is smaller. The sensor has high sensitivity to smoke and various types of air odor, and has high sensitivity to VOC, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and other gases. Such sensors use the value of air cleaning as a reference and use the relative value of the reference value to test the air quality. When a polluting gas is encountered, the size of the pollution degree is determined according to the magnitude of the resistance change.





Used in home environment and office harmful gas detection, automatic exhaust device, air refresher, etc.、

Features: This product has high sensitivity to alcohol, smoke, isobutane and formaldehyde. It has the advantages of fast response recovery, low power consumption, simple detection circuit, good stability and long life.




Product Type

Flat Semiconductor Gas Sensor

Standard Package

Metal Package

Test Gas

Alcohol, Smoke, Isobutane, Formaldehyde

Detection Concentration

10~1000ppm (alcohol)

Standard test circuit

Heating voltage

5.0V±0.1V AC or DC

Load Resistance

Adjustable (1k-50k)

Gas sensor characteristics under standard test conditions

Heating resistor

95Ω±10Ω(Room temperature)

Heating power consumption


Sensitive body resistance

1KΩ~30KΩ(in 50ppm alcohol )



Rs(in air)/Rs(in 50ppmalcohol)

Concentration slope


0.6(R100ppm /R30ppm alcohol)

Standard test conditions

Temperature/ humidity


Standard test circuit



Preheat time

Not less than 12 hours