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The smallest fingerprint recognition sensor is coming. It's too small to imagine.

2019-03-02 20:28:01
Fingerprint identification is a necessary function of the new smartphone. In terms of security and convenience, fingerprint identification technology has been improved to a certain extent. At present, due to the size problem of fingerprint recognition sensor, most mobile phones can only place it behind the Home key or mobile phone, which means that the precious size space of screen and fuselage will be limited.
Apollo Sensor Network News: A subversive mini-fingerprint sensor Synaptics FS4304 will appear at next week's MWC2016 conference. The sensor is only 3.5mm wide and is placed in a narrow space without pressure. It can even be placed in the function keys commonly used in smartphones such as volume keys and switch keys.
At the same time, Synaptics FS4304 has upgraded Sentry Point Secure Suite security suite. By checking the "liveness" of fingerprint identification images, it can greatly enhance the security of fingerprint identification. It can maximize the defense against traditional methods used by hackers to crack fingerprints, such as preserving fingerprint images to deceive sensors.

At present, only Samsung is the OEM partner of Synaptics FS4304. However, it can be believed that this miniature to extreme sensor will attract more attention of mobile phone manufacturers after its appearance at the MWC2016 conference.