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Shenzhen Haiwang Sensor Co., Ltd. is engaged in the design, development, production, sales and after-sales
service as one of the new professional enterprise perimeter security products pulsed electron fence ". The company developed Hongrun Jones brand pulse the electronic fence Host adhering to world-class brand of excellence and temperament. The company brought together a number of high-tech elite, formed mainly to senior security expert technical team, and achieved fruitful results. Respect and play a team spirit to win the respect and trust of the customers, the value of the individual, respect for honor businesses and individuals, the business philosophy of constant pursuit of higher goals. Adhere to scientific and technological innovation to solve customer needs, with leading products and excellent service to meet customer demand. We focus on product research and development, production process and after-sales service. Unique project implementation plan, according to the needs of specific customers fully meet the needs of our customers personalized, is committed to providing customers with marketable, high quality and cost-effective security products and quality service all day. The purpose of our service is the position of a customer to consider, think customers are thinking. The leading products, quality service is our advantage is our eternal commitment. We adhere to the concept of customer-centric service, mutual benefit, friendship and cooperation, and dealers, to establish a strategic alliance win-win cooperation mode. Full of enthusiasm, we are eager to work with industry colleagues together to create a security industry, the road to success. Aspires to become a powerful perimeter security product development enterprises, and make a positive contribution to the social innovation community hospice home to thousands of families....

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